The Most Portable ever!

Slinger bag ball machine in Pula, Croatia

The Most Portable ever!

Slinger bag ball machine in Pula, Croatia


Improve your Game 50% in 3 weeks

Slinger Bag is lightweight and portable. You can carry it, roll it and easily store it in the trunk of your car. On court Slinger Bag can be set up to start launching balls within 1 minute.


Looking for a reliable tennis partner 24/7?

The investment in a tennis ball machine is an excellent way to improve your game. You can improve a weakness such as your backhand or perfect your forehand, but also work on your volley, rhythm, and consistency of your game and strength. The balls sent to you in your training sessions are all identical and with the same quality, allowing you to focus on a specific shot or movement. For coaches, the ball machine allows more time for their players to better understand and correct their technique. The most important thing in succeeding to improve your tennis, is always, Consistency!


Slinger Bag is not only a ball machine launcher that holds up to 144 balls, It’s the only ball machine on the market with a tennis bag inside for your rackets and tennis gear, and it even charges your phone or tablet at the same time. Slinger Bag is lightweight and portable. You can carry it, roll it and easily store it in the trunk of your car. On court Slinger Bag can be set up to start launching balls within 1 minute. Set to be 50% lower on any other tennis ball machine in the market. Portable – Affordable – Incredible for anyone to take their game to the next level.


The Slinger Bag oscillator will make sure that you get total tennis workout. Just put the Slinger Bag on top of the oscillator and press the start button on the remote control. Now you are ready to get more consistent workout and also get a total workout. Slinger Bag is made to launch Anytime, Anywhere.


Not only do you get the truly incredible ball machine but it comes with a load of other accessories and is packed full of features.


With the Slinger Oscillator, you will be pushed around to all corners of the court to give you a real workout. Simply place your Slinger Ball Machine on the Oscillator, plug it in with the magnetic damage proof cable and start hitting.


Whether you are working around on the baseline or practicing your serve using the unique “Ball Boy” feature, The Slinger Bag holds more than enough balls for you to start improving your game!


Slinger Bag also come with a telescopic ball-picker connected to the side for you to easily put the balls back and continuing to practice. The kids will love it and you also save time and money for more efficient training sessions on court.


Start & Stop your practice with a single push on the remote control. Wait for the beep signal and you are ready to hit your best strokes.


Battery Life


Empty weight


Ball Capacity


Min Launch Speed


Max Launch Speed


Get all the answers you need to know

ActiveLife Tennis is the distributor for Slinger Bag in Croatia


Whether you just have some initial questions or you’re seriously considering improving your tennis, we will show you. Fill out the form below or give us a call for a free consultation and demo. So we can show you features that can help you improve your tennis results now.

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To order your Slinger Bag… NOT FINISHED YET WITH TEXT!

A: The shipping of your Slinger Bag is included in the price if shipped within Croatia.

If you rather would like to pick- up your Slinger Bag at ACTIVELIFE TENNIS it is also possible without paying shipping.

What is then the price with & without Shipping Staffan?

A: Yes. Slinger Bag has a remote control. The remote operates both the Launcher and the Oscillator “ON/OFF”

from across the court.

A: First of all, depending on what surface you are doing your practice on. Overall we can easily say that the better quality of tennis balls (a bit more expensive) the better kind of feeling you will achieve on court. Developed especially for the Slinger Bag are the Wilson Trinity balls that can be ordered from us if you prefer. Just let us know and we will get it for you.

A: The main Slinger Bag itself does not oscillate. However, we have created a unique Oscillator plate on which the Slinger Bag can sit and which allows the Slinger Bag to oscillate. The Oscillator is included in all of our Grand Slam Packs.

A: First, the Slinger Bag must be placed on the oscillator and connected via the magnet connection. Press the “ON” button on the remote control for both the launcher and the oscillator. The oscillator needs 15 seconds to start correctly before rotation begins. Remove the plastic cover on the cable is removed from the oscillator before connecting it to the Slinger Bag.

A: Slinger Bag allows the user to modify ball speed, ball frequency and ball elevation independently.

A: All Slinger Bags have a 2 years Warranty + 1 Extra year when register serial number online.

You can register your Slinger Bag here:  //

A: NO Slinger cannot be connected to power when being used. The battery can be charged when not in use.

A: Slinger Bag is powered by a premium quality Lithium-ion battery. To fully charge the battery will take approximately 4 hours. Our smart charger cable will monitor when the Slinger Bag is fully charged and will automatically reduce to a charge pulse at that point to prevent any undue damage to the battery.

A: The lights on the front of the Slinger Bag indicate a full charge in red, yellow and green.

The power adapter light will turn green when it is fully charged.

A: Slinger Bag has been extensively tested on all court surfaces without any known issues.

A: The Slinger Bag weighs 15 kg without balls.

A: The amount of topspin produced can be controlled by changing the ball speed and launch angle settings to find a setting that perfectly suits your needs. The Slinger Bag is also easy to move around the court. We recommend testing different variations to find the best mix of placement, speed, angle and ball frequency for your level of play.

A: Absolutely Yes, ActiveLife Tennis will be happy to give you a FREE DEMO at Verudela in Pula.

All you have to do is send us an email at and we will meet you at the court.

A: Yes, except for Stage 3 Foam balls. After testing many different ball types we recommend using premium quality balls at all times in your Slinger Bag. We recommend and sell Slinger Triniti Balls (by Wilson) for optimal performance.

A: The amount of topspin generated can be managed by altering the ball speed and elevation angle settings to find a launch sequence that works best for your game. Slinger is also easily moved on the court, and we suggest testing varying court placements to find the best mix of placement, speed, angle and ball frequency for your level of play.

A: No. It is for safety reasons that the Slinger Bag will only begin launching with a 2-step “ON” process (On switch “ON” first and then press “ON” on the remote to activate either the Launcher or the Launcher and the Oscillator).

A: On the top of your Slinger ball tube you will see 2 ball holder clips. To release the tennis balls simply push those two clips outwards to open the ball escape opening.

● It is recommended that Slinger Bag be stored in a cool location and that the battery pack be

REMOVED and charged OUTSIDE of the Slinger Bag, whenever possible.

This will provide the battery with maximum ventilation during the charging period.

See attached User Instructions for how to remove your battery.

● It is recommended to charge the battery for a MAXIMUM of 5 HOURS in any charging period.

● It is recommended that the battery is disconnected from the power outlet once charging is

complete as indicated by the light on the charger turning to green.

User Notes:

1. 5 hours of charge time is sufficient to fully charge your battery.

2. Following these guidelines will enhance the life and performance of the battery

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